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KAREN Wallace-JoneS



What do you do?
I work in theatres, schools, day centres and other community settings using theatre as a means to unlock potential, heal from trauma, and create change - big or small. The majority of people I work with are neurodivergent.

What do you like about theatre?
Being in a room with people whose brains work similarly to mine so I can therefore have really serious conversations about wholly imagined, possibly barmy and madly creative things!

What is your favourite moment working with StrikeUp so far?
Stepping into their R and D after the pandemic. It was so uplifting to be surrounded by so many creative minds after missing out on live theatre making for so long.

Which show/artist/moment has influenced your work? 
The Pappy Show's Boys/Girls inspired me so much - I love their physical storytelling and the element of liveness in their shows. I adore Sally Cookson's visual storytelling and I have learned so much from Oily Cart and their multi-sensory theatre for people with complex needs that I apply to all my work. 

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why?
My 55kg blind Greek rescue dog . I spend hours wondering if she knows she is no longer in Greece and what she thinks of Reading and us, then trying to figure out how she navigates my house so perfectly with zero eyesight and if she barges my other silly, designer-type dog on purpose. A day being her would save me hours of worry and wondering!!

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