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What do you do?
I am an Actor, Facilitator ,Theatre Maker ( and rehearsal cake baker ) . My work is firmly routed in community. I am a lover of all things quirky , creative and colourful. 

What do you like about theatre?
It takes that feeling of people sharing a good story and captures it into art. 

What is your favourite moment working with StrikeUp so far?
I have lots of favourite moments from the r & d but for me it was coming to the Rising Sun for the poetry night . It was my first experience of the Strike Up community. I remember feeling this huge sense of belonging and warmth. I instantly felt like it was such a  joyful space for people to come together,  take risks, be silly and play.

Which show/artist/moment has influenced your work? 
Cathy by  Cardboard Citizens 

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why?
I'm a massive fashion nerd so I think I'd really like to be a fancy fashion designer for the day, like for  Alexander McQueen or something.  I'd spend all day drooling over the clothes and then just before my day was up i'd announce a huge new collection of ethical, carbon negative, size inclusive clothing. The world would be saved from fast fashion and i'd have a cute new outfit that would actually fit! 

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