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What do you do?
I make theatre that I find joyous and beautiful because above all else I think, if I find it boring, what hope is there for the anyone else?

What do you like about theatre?
That wonderful moment when the whole room draws breath at the same time. It is the fleetingness of theatre that I love, it is there and then it is gone. Digital is a powerful tool to keep us connected but for me, nothing quite beats a live space full people who don’t know what might happen next. 

What is your favourite moment working with StrikeUp so far?
This one. It is pure joy to look at StrikeUp and feel this much excitement, for the work that we’re making; for the people we’re getting to know; for the possibilities ahead; bring it on.

Which show/artist/moment has influenced your work? 
The Wind in the Willows, directed by Deborah Crout & Collette Hodges, Southcote Primary School, 1998. 
A formative moment in my life. 

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why?
Jodie Comer. 
For the accents.
And the clothes.

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