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Don’t Let Go Workshop Day Three

We have reached day 3 of R&D week – I cannot believe we are already halfway through. The momentum of the Eurovision soundtrack was building so much that we have become inspired. We are suspending normal rehearsals today to pursue our entry for Eurovision 2022. What began as a humble tribute and appreciation for Eurovision acts of past, has morphed into us having our own original Eurovision song (complete with French rap section) and building an entire act around it.

The entire company got involved with creating this absolute masterpiece (I even got chance to emerge from behind my laptop to throw some ideas in). We were channelling all the greats and exploding with campness, colour, persona, and a little bit of chaos. The energy from Rachel was absolutely unmatched as she gave an award-winning battle speech for us going into performing our winning Eurovision number. This speech was fuelled by fire, power and energy, only to be replied by the company roaring with enthusiasm.

This fierce and bubbly energy was only matched by Gavin’s wonderful bag of props including: rainbow ribbons, duster microphone, bubble blowers, kitchen utensils and even teddy bears. You can see by the conviction on the faces of the company for how ready they all were for this momenta and chance to shine. Adding the props took the performance to entirely new heights and well worthy of douze points. Graham Norton would be proud! Today, we also had the joy of sharing the space with cameraman Max (who probably just wanted a sneak preview of next year’s Eurovision winners – a superfan). He captured some incredible shots of the entire company and encapsulated the buzz in the room.

We are all so excited and sad that tomorrow is our last day of R&D. However, on behalf of the whole company we hope you are excited for our upcoming Eurovision journey.

Written for StrikeUp by Autumn Beddoe.


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