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Don’t Let Go Workshop Day Four

It’s officially Friday, and we invite you to join us for our final day of R&D week. We’ve definitely got the final day blues. The sunny weather we started the week with is feeling it too. It is astounding how much we have progressed as a company in such a short time. The ensemble have gone from being out of contact and out of actual performance space for so long, to creating and collaborating on more rich material than we could have hoped to make.

Not to be too soppy, but this final day blog is almost a love letter to the entire company of this R&D week, for everything they have contributed, and the energy they have brought into the space every single day.

Our expectations for this week have been entirely blown, and everyone should be excessively proud of themselves with what we have been able to produce in only FOUR DAYS. This piece of theatre (and of course our 2022-winning Eurovision performance) has a piece of everyone in it, and we have been so lucky to share the space and creativity this week with such a ridiculously talented group of individuals.


The best part of my week has been seeing everything grow. From small action or clowning excercises to become beautiful movement sequences, monlogues and duologues. This would not be possible without the commitment and conviction of the ensemble, but also the unwavering support and energy of the creative team. They continuously breathed life into ideas that were once just words on a page. Watching these performances come together on the stage in the black box theatre was so captivating.

I wish all of the company from this R&D week the best with their next adventures. I wish all of the luck and energy into the future development of this show which, judging from the foundations of what it could become that I’ve seen this week, could only result in becoming something truly special and powerful.

Written for StrikeUp by Autumn Beddoe.


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