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What do you do?
I am a theatre-maker and a movement director. I am the Co-Artistic Director of my own Physical Theatre company - GymJam. I also work extensively with Frantic Assembly.

What do you like about theatre?
As an audience member, I like the live, communal and shared experience that theatre offers us. I value the ability theatre can have in enacting real change on people’s lives a micro and a macro level. That can be escapism for an hours entertainment or significant cathartic experience.

What is your favourite moment working with StrikeUp so far?
I have had many brilliant moments already working with StrikeUp but one that comes to mind is creating a moving poetry film, 900 Years, with a community ensemble at The Abbey Ruins - It’s my favourite because I could see real joy in the performances of this work.

Which show/artist/moment has influenced your work? 
The biggest influence on my work would be being exposed to the work and training of Jacques Lecoq - So many artists and companies that I love including; Complicité, Rhum and Clay, Frantic Assembly and KneeHigh to name a few, all have some connection to the school even if it’s an in-direct one. Their work like mine has benefited from Lecoq’s approach to making theatre, which is playful, open and ensemble led.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be and why?
My Pug, Rudy

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